Identity Authentication and Proctoring Systems

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Abstract/Summary of Effective Practice: 

Student identity authentication for distance education programs is an important factor in the successful implementation of an e-learning program. This check is necessary to ensure an institution is giving credit to the student who completed the work and protects the reputation of the institution.

The distinction between identity verification and authentication is an important factor to consider. Identity verification confirms that the same person has continually shown up to take an exam or logged in. Identity authentication, however, helps prove that the correct person enrolled in the course is the one completing the work

As state budgets continue to be slashed, many institutions simply opt for secure student login and password credentials through their Learning Management System (LMS). While this meets federal regulations, basic LMS credentials are not an effective combatant or deterrent against financial aid fraud or academic integrity violations. A wide array of effective and trusted authentication methods are available, however, these still do not document that the student who is authenticated is actually the one who is taking the exam or enrolled in the course. To ensure a secure examination environment in online education while adhering to regulation, a combination of live proctoring and one or more identity verification tools should be implemented.

A major bio-metric analysis tool is keystroke analysis. Typical keystroke analysis measures characteristics such as length of time to type a particular word or phrase and the length of time a key is pressed, among the many features of a person’s typing behavior.

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