Now this application only hide the data in the picture, But it can be upgraded to hide the information in any kind of file. Let's take a look at how the software works. I can guarantee that when you need to ensure that the communication security, you will definitely use the software. 

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Our Steganography system features:

One of the main reasons for using steganography is that you need to hide your private messages in a normal file, and nobody will doubt the file.There are many ways you can use steganography in digital communications. Moreover, you do not need to enter the code to achieve this function.
This software can hide your secret information in image files.

Raspina is a software that can hide private files in images files. The use of this tool is very simple. All you have to do is run this program, in the program interface to load any one picture, and then you want to hide the file added. And it also provides encryption, so you can choose a variety of encryption algorithms, and then save the final target file. If you want to read the hidden information from this file, you will use the software again. The software will read the file and then decode the hidden information from it.

You can not use other software to extract hidden information from this file. If you need a simple and efficient steganography tool, you can try this. The interface of the software is divided into two parts, one for hiding the data and the other for extracting the data. You need to select a vector file to hide the data, and then select the files or data you need to hide, enter your encryption password, the software will hide the data in the file. If you want to extract hidden information from a file, you need to use this tool again.

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