incorporates “smile measurement” into facial recognition software

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unveiling what is essentially a “smile detector” – a piece of software capable of objectively measuring smiles and giving them a percentage rating. On the surface it sounds like a novel idea, but there are some interesting practical applications for this technology ranging from market research to consumer electronics, where for example, cameras could be equipped with the ability to ensure that everyone in frame is smiling before a photograph is taken.

The biometric software suite could also find applications in identity theft prevention, building entry management, driver monitoring systems in cars and access control for age-restricted content. It’s also suggested that the it could be used by mental healthcare professionals as a means of tracking patients’ mental condition or in market research to gauge consumer responses to new products.

The system uses a 3D model fitting technique to analyze faces - even in blurred, partially obscured or angled images – and can verify identity, estimate age and gender and track pupil or eyelid movements instantaneously.

Today, every organization is faced with the complex challenge of efficiently validating user identity and enabling secure access. The modern distributed workforce demands convenient anytime/anywhere access to web, mobile and cloud networks, applications and resources that provide the information required to drive competitive advantage and operational efficiencies. At the same time, organizations must prevent security breaches, maintain continuous compliance, and protect brand reputation… all while dynamically growing. 

SmileCam detects and shows your level of smile in real time. When your smile reaches a certain value, the camera takes a photo.

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